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A year after laying the foundation stone, Oscar Anton’s Home Of Sanity is done and offers us a great surprise with his brand-new track ophelie. “I wrote ophelie shortly after finishing my 2020 home of sanity project. As it was such an intense challenge, emotionally and physically, getting back to my bedroom-studio was really hard aha. However, I really wanted to keep this creative process going and do what I love the most, writing music. Ophelie’s story is a combination of a personal one, and one of my really close friends. We both are really passionate about something and it takes such a big place in our life that it’s sometimes difficult to be that passionate about someone else. This is us, talking to our respective Ophelie”. - Oscar Anton A quest for freedom to create and release as much music as possible, which took form in a one year challenge of releasing a three songs pack every month entirely written, composed, produced and directed by Oscar Anton himself. With lockdowns and the sanitary crisis weighing on a year where he already sacrificed a lot to put himself in a permanent creative process, the French artist fought against timing and all the struggles that a young independent artist can face by himself. In this Home of Sanity, we care about feelings, self-empowerment, daily life and love stories. These are the cornerstones of a home where creation is preferred to perfection for its purity, embodied by Oscar’s dazzling voice wrapping our hearts and souls in silky sheets. The catchy melodies and smooth beats perfectly blend to create a playground for him to explore, evolve and share his love of music with a genuine sincerity. From Bossa Nova rhythms (flowers), to lo-fi beats (play, and rewind), and hip hop collaborations (L’ange passe), the packs show diversity, curiosity and a risk-taking process to try and try again without bothering himself with formats and rules. After three packs awakening the attention of fans and media, his song nuits d’Eté - recorded with his younger sister and released with a music video shot by their mother - became viral during lockdown. From here, everything kept on growing and still is to this day. bye bye undoubtably adding Oscar Anton on the international map with radio plays in Germany, Turkey and Italy; Oscar achieved his goal to find happiness in creating and releasing music. Several millions streams, views on Youtube, tens of thousands followers on socials, and hundreds of thousands monthly listeners from all around the world entered in the Home Of Sanity, invited their friends and family, and never left.

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